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Elephants addicted to illicit liquor at Mulleriya!

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Mulleria, Oct 19, 2015: The residents in and around Mulleriya feared a brutal attack by the inebriated elephants and proving their fear rights, a pack of six elephants, including two calves went on a spree destroying crops in Kottanguli, Adkathotti, Adur and nearby areas in Mulleria.   A  herd of the giant pests barged into an illegal liquor brewing unit in Periyadka and Parthakochhi areas and drank up all the liquor stocked in the unit, even before the officials arrived.


The farmers had sleepless nights as they faced serious threats from the fierce pachyderms. Last year too  elephants attacked areas of human habitation unleashing terror and havoc.  To make matters worse further,  news of a tiger having entered Kanathur has been making rounds, people in the region are in fear and stress.