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Education Conclaves at Ramakrishna (RK) Math, Mangaluru February 14, 15, 16

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Mangaluru, Feb 13, 2019: RK Ashrama has been conducting Seminars and Lecturers for last 7 years, Post Graduate Students and aspiring teachers for the last 12 years under the title Prajna, Shraddha and Medha. Resource Persons of international repute will be interacting with the delegates on all the three days.




Prajna: Dr N Vinay Hegde, Chancellor of Nitte university will be inaugurating the Prajna – Education Conclave for College Faculty on February 14,  from 9 am till 3.30 pm. Dr Viveka Rai, Former Vice Chancellor of Kannada University, Hampi will be the Chief Guest. Swami Mangalanathanandaji of Bangalore Ramakrishna Math, Prof. Vijay Menon, Corporate Trainer from Kochi & Prof. Raghotham Rao, Director, Manas Centre for Training, Bangalore will be the resource persons. Theme for the conclave is “Education for Inner Transformation”. All the interested college faculty can participate in this conclave by registering their names.

Shraddha: Education conclave for Post Graduate Students under the theme, “Education for Character” will be inaugurated on February 15,  at 9.30 am by Suhas Gopinath, youngest CEO &founder of Globals Inc, Bangalore. Ashwath Hegde, CEO of Envigreen Biotech India Pvt Ltd. Will be the Chief Guest. Inaugural function will be followed by sessions by Swami Mangalanathanandaji of Bangalore, Prof. Vijay Menon of Kochi, Prof. Raghothama Rao of Bangalore & Dr Vivek Modi of Hyderabad. About 600 Post Graduate students are expected to attend the conclave.

Medha: Aspiring Teachers and B Ed students will be attending the Medha- Education Conclave on February 16,  from 9 am till 3.30 pm. The Conclave will be inaugurated by Manjunath Bhandary, Chairman of Sahyadri Group of Institutions. Sri Shivaramaiah, DDPI of DK Dist. will be the chief guest. Educationist Suresh Kulkarni, Miss Ramya Aithal, Dr Vivek Modi and Prof. Raghothama Rao will be interacting with the delegates on the theme, “Teacher: The Torch bearer”.

On all the three days, Keynote address will be delivered by Swami Jitakamanandaji, Adhyaksha, Ramakrishna Math, Mangalore. Captain Ganesh Karnik will also be present on the occasion. We invite all interested youths & lecturers to attend the conclaves by registering their names beforehand.

We request you to publish this as news item in your esteemed media for the benefit of the interested public.  For more details, please contact Swami Ekagamyanandaji at 9448353162