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Dr. C P Habeeb Rahman receives the prestigious Award for Best Medical practices

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Mangaluru, Feb 27, 2018: DR. C P Habeeb Rahman, Chairman, Unity Hospital, Mangaluru received the prestigious Award for Best Medical Practices from the European Medical Association at the Arab Health Congress held in Dubai on January 20th, 2018, in recognition of Best Health Practices at Unity Hospital for the past 4 decades.

Dr. Habeeb Rah...

Dr. Habeeb Rah...

Addressing the media at the Press Club, he compared the role of the European Medical Association (EMA) with the Indian Medical Association (IMA) and expressed his opinion on how the Govt. of India can change in their approach to the Indian Medical Association for a better health delivery system in the country. His observations are presented in brief as under:

India should take its Medical Fraternity of Doctors into good Faith in addressing challenges in healthcare. We should consider the European model while making policy decisions pertaining to the healthcare delivery system. The European Parliament takes the advice of the European Medical Association (EMA) on every matter related to healthcare. The EMA has a strong representation in the European Parliament.

In similar ways, the Indian Parliament must proactively involve the IMA and should make use of the body at various levels including National, State and District level. The IMA is a large establishment. It has made great contributions in improving healthcare system in India. Patient care in India has continuously improved throughout the past in India with Doctor’s involvement playing the major role in making improvements everywhere. The Medical education system is also rendering huge support towards healthcare of needy people.

We should make sensible advancements in healthcare policy, taking every stakeholder into confidence. The healthcare system has to be supportive for those who are contributing more towards the health delivery system. For instance, Mangaluru has emerged as one of the best healthcare destinations in South India, taking into consideration several aspects such as quality healthcare, cost effective treatments, health camps and awareness programs, nursing and medical education and many more aspects in medical care. Mangaluru has the largest number of medical colleges in a radius of 100 kilometres.  The number of people treated in Mangaluru is much more when compared to many other cities including Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Kannur and Chennai. The economy of Mangalore is largely supported by education and healthcare institutions. It creates large employment opportunities in Mangalore directly and indirectly.

Governmental bodies including the City Corporation should consider these fine elements while implementing projects related to health and hygiene. All these factors are important for the progress of the society. Hence, I suggest more leniency towards Doctors, Nurses, Paramedics, Hospitals and Institutions.