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Capitanio Murder Case Solved; Suspects Arrested

The Capitanio murder case has finally been solved. Abdul Kareem (33) was found murdered in his rented flat in Capitanio’s Shyam Complex on September 13. After conducting thorough investigations, the police have arrested 2 people for allegedly killing Kareem in cold blood.

The 2 arrested are Shamshad (28), wife of Kareem, and Venkatesh (32), allegedly Shamshad’s lover, who hails from Rajendra Nagar in Mysore. Venkatesh also had a rented flat in Shyam Complex. The two shared a relationship and decided to kill Kareem not only for cheating, but also for physical abuse and philandering. The murder was planned nearly 2 weeks in advance. Venkatesh had lent a sum of money to Kareem, over which the two had quarreled.

Venkatesh’s attempt to murder Kareem, according to their plans, on September 10 was a failure. So, he returned to Mysore. Shamshad, however, spoke to him via a mobile phone, which he had gifted to her and requested him to murder Kareem on September 13. Accordingly, Venkatesh arrived in Mangalore and stayed in a lodge. On the midnight of September 12, Shamshad let him into the flat after first tying up her husband. Venkatesh smothered him with a pillow. When the victim resisted, Venkatesh beat him with a stick till he lay dead. Then, he locked Shamshad up in the next room. He returned to Mysore on the following day.

Investigation was delayed owing to misguiding statements made by Shamshad who tried to pin the murder on an unknown person from Andhra Pradesh from whom Kareem had allegedly stolen nearly Rs 30 lakhs when he was abroad.

The police investigation team, led by Lingappa B. R., the rural circle inspector of Mangalore, and Prakash K, the sub inspector, which successfully solved the case, received an award of Rs. 15,000.