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CEO releases Karnataka Election Anthem to attract voters to Polling booths

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Bengaluru, April 13, 2018  (UNI) :  The Election Commission, which has roped in veteran Cricketer Rahul Dravid as Brand Ambassador and veteran Nano Scientist and Bharat Ratna awardee Prof C N R Rao as icon, on Friday released the Karnataka Election Anthem to attract voters to polling booths on May 12.


election 13 apr 18

This is for the first time an anthem has been introduced in the State with an aim to reach out to masses on the need to vote.

Chief Election Officer Sanjiv Kumar, speaking after unveiling the anthem, said that the election anthem will play an important role in promoting the ethical voting and also to boost the voter turnout.

It is perhaps for the very first time that Karnataka elections will have an anthem. The idea of having one is to not only draw people’s attention to the forthcoming elections but to also inspire citizens, especially the young, to cast their votes.
The anthem is a call to citizens to cast their vote and not let it go waste. It talks about the power of voting and how every vote counts. We want this song to inspire people and increase the percentage of voters in the forthcoming elections.