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Bunt community leaders demand unbiased probe into Bhasker Shetty murder case

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Udupi, Aug 10, 2016 : A meeting of several Bunt community leaders held  here on August 9, Tuesday in the wake of the gruesome murder of  hotelier and businessman Bhasker Shetty have demanded an impartial probe into the  case.


The participants of the meeting, citing some reports, also demanded that Udupi District BJP President and Bunt leader Mattar Ratnaker Hegde should not represent the accused in the case of this horrific crime.

They also decided to submit a memorandum to State Minister and Udupi MLA  Pramod Madhwaraj to ensure a thorough and unbiased probe into the case.

Chandrashekhar,   the brother-in-law of the deceased Bhasker who spoke during the meeting revealed that he and Bhasker were married on the same day. "We had plans to celebrate our  25th wedding anniversary on May 22 . However Bhasker said his wife was against it, thus revealing there were some differences between them."

He also  revealed that the accused Navaneeth had dropped out of college while he was pursuing third   year engineering and that  Bhasker Shetty was opposed to Navaneeth’s affair and also the alleged affair of Rajeshwari.

" Bhasker who suspected Rajeshwari’s fidelity had even told his mother that he wants to  bequeath his property to some other family member and also intended to divorce Rajeshwari."

He further said "Rajeshwari came into contact with Niranjan Bhat after the latter performed some rituals to cure her when she had fallen ill."

Making it clear that none of them were after the assets of Bhasker  Shetty, Chandrashekhar said they all only wanted justice and strictest punishment to the guilty.

Lawyer Jayakar Shetty Indrali who was also  present at the meeting,  said  proving the murder would be a tough task as there were  no traces of the body of Bhasker Shetty.

Gulabi Shedti, Mother of Bhasker Shetty, Suresh Shetty Gurme, Uday Kumar Shetty and others were present.