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Bhasker Shetty murder case: Accused had dumped remains in 3 rivers?

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Udupi, Aug 15, 2016:  Interrogations of priest and astrologer Niranjan Bhat, one of the three main accused in the Bhasker Shetty murder case, have reportedly revealed that he had thrown the remains of the dead body of businessman Bhasker Shetty  and other  things into the  Palli river and at two rivulets at Kadandale.

Niranjan Bhat ...If the  ash, bones, watch and mobile phone of the accused  were disposed at Palli river in Nandalike,   the  pepper spray bottle, poison bottle and iron rod used by Rajeshwari and Navaneeth to eliminate Shetty were thrown into one river at Kadandale while tiles and bricks of the Homa Kunda which had blood stains were disposed in another nearby rivulet.

It is believed that this was done to ensure that the police  had to face a daunting task in finding the remains.

Though a search is underway in the rivers, so far there has been no progress. Meanwhile, it has been gathered that every now and then during interrogation Niranjan Bhat had an excuse saying he does not remember properly.

Police have meanwhile confirmed that the garments worn by the accused have been traced in a laundry in Nitte. It is believed that the accused had given the same to the laundry to get the blood stains removed.

Sources said that all five persons including Rajeshwari, Navaneeth, Niranjan, his father Srinivas Bhat and driver Raghavendra are being interrogated  separately and there is suspicion that there were  many others involved in this gruesome murder.

The new SP of Udupi District  T K Balakrishna has said that the investigation was underway in the right direction and the police are leaving no stone unturned in gathering evidences. He also requested the public not to pay heed to rumours regarding the case.