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Bantwal : Villagers up in arms against AMR company over unauthorized works

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Bantwal, Nov 3, 2013 : The visit of local elected representatives  to the AMR project site at Shambhur in  a hush hush manner on December 2, Monday, has invited the ire of villagers particularly when they are agitated over the unauthorized canal works undertaken by the company.

AMR company 1

AMR company 2


Locals have expressed suspicion that the  Gram Panchayat representatives had visited the site not to  complain about the problems faced by them due to the unauthorized works, but to enter into a secret understanding with the company.

Here it is worth mentioning that a delegation of GP members which had visited the project site some time back and had promised that No Objection Certificate will not be issued  to the additional  project, had later on issued an NoC much to the  ire of the villagers.

Meanwhile, there is also a complaint that the canal works undertaken by the company unauthorisedly   and the breaking of rocks using explosives in the area had developed cracks on the walls of several houses in the vicinity. Locals have already staged a protest  demanding immediate suspension of the works.