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Amateur Astronomers Association organizes Eclipse watch, releases video

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Mangaluru, Dec 27, 2019:  Eclipse Watch organized by Amateur Astronomers Association (AAA), Mangalore at Padua High School in the city drew huge crowd for viewing the Annular Solar Eclipse on December 26, 2019. The event was organized by Amateur Astronomers Association, a hobby group which has been functional in Mangalore for the last three decades. AAA had partnered with Padua High School and St Agnes College for organizing the event.


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About 500 people attended the Eclipse Watch which took place from 8.05 am to 11.05 am at Padua High School grounds in Kadri Hills. Many kids were seen excitedly viewing the celestial event.

AAA founder members Prof. Jayantha H. and Rohit Rao, AAA members Prof. Sampoornananda Balkur and Dr. Sangeetha Laxmi were the resource persons. They arranged the viewing and clarified doubts of the public regarding the Annular Solar Eclipse. Special protective spectacles were made available to the viewers.

Among the viewers was Usha S. Rao, an enthusiastic lady in her eighties. “With today’s eclipse I have completed all three types of eclipses, Total, Partial and Annular. I viewed total solar eclipse in 1980,” she said.

AAA later released ‘Glimpses of Ring of Fire’, a video compilation of photographs of the Annual Solar Eclipse taken by Rohit Rao. “This video is our attempt to document this rare phenomenon that we have been able to view in Mangalore,” he said.

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