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Aid Without Religion Trust distributes books to Mannagudda school children

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Mangaluru, June 10, 2015: Books, school bags and umbrellas worth Rs 36000 were distributed to students of Gandhinagar Higher Primary School on June 10, Wednesday under the aegis of the Aid Without Religion Trust (AWRT).






Aid without religion trust


Aid without religion trust

AWRT distributes books to Mannagudda school children


AWRT distributes books to Mannagudda school children 2


AWRT distributes books to Mannagudda school children 3


Prof. Narendra Nayak, eminent rationalist and Trustee of Aid Without Religion Trust said every individual must give back to the society by contributing a part of their earnings  for some social good.  Extending a helping hand to the needy is worth much more than praying lips, he added.


"The aid without religion trust has been distributing note books for the students of the govt. Higher primary school at Gandhi nagar. This activity has been conducted by us for the past several years and before that it was being done by the help of several individuals. In this picture we can see the headmistress of the school along with the Sri Ravindra Kini who has been contributing a substantial amount for the cause of children being provided with note books needed for their studies."

"We emphasise that these note books are not being given as gifts to them but as loans which have to be returned with interest to the children who are less privileged that them when they grow up and make it good in life. We also tell them as good citizens we should take only what we need and not be greedy."

"We also make it a point to give them some eatables along with the books so that they can relish some good things. We have been also giving bags and umbrellas to these children- but not to all. The teachers check on them and their home background and only those who are in need are identified and these are given to them."

"Aid without religion trust take up only those activities which will help children and others where there is no superstition, religious indoctrination and such are involved. We do a number of activities including providing funds for education, medical aid, needs of some socially and economically deprived children for only secular activities and those institutions where no religious activity pertaining to any religion takes place."

William College of Massachusetts student Robin was present as a chief guest among others.