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Aam Aadmi Party protest for better roads

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Mangaluru, Sep 24, 2017: The catch 22 situation is clear now, the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) is moving away from its vision, mission and objectives, if we see the realities. It is also evident that the people’s representatives – whether the MP from one party, MLAs from the other party and corporators mixed from both parties – none of them are showing any interest to provide relief to the residents and commuters to and from Mangaluru, by improving the conditions and transportation needs of the city, whose elevation as a Smart City looks only wish-wash, alleged Dakshina Kannada district unit of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) on Friday by organising protests in the city.  However, it is also clear that all these activists are only fighting for the hi flying people in big cars and luxury homes. The plight of the common man is only left to God.

AAP protest at Nanthoor

AAP protest at Nanthoor

AAP protest at Nanthoor

Aam Aadmi Party staged protests at Nanthoor junction in Mangaluru city on Friday, to highlight the plight of the people on poor and sloppy infrastructure which is a clear indication of the negligence of representatives of two national political parties.

For more than two decades, there has been a demand for good quality flyovers at Pumpwell and Nanthoor with adequate service roads and footpaths. Though Pumpwell flyover work has finally started yet  dragged on for no visible reason, there is no sign of relief for the commuters at the Nanthoor junction. The highways are filled with potholes, and the politicians and the NHAI give the excuse of monsoons and give promises of repairs which are shoddy and get damaged again within a few days, AAP said. In many areas the roads have simply vanished due to heavy traffic with the rich having many cars.

AAP urged concerned government officers, representatives of the people and ministers to construct good roads in the city by upgrading existing roads, building flyovers, bypass roads and others to end all transportation issues being faced by Mangaluru city residents as the city area witnessing an expansion year after year.