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AIR Brahmavar pressured by public to part with lands

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Brahmavar, May 21, 2015:  All India Radio at Brahmavar, had given land for road to  ensure  free movement of fire service and for public utility in 1984, but now it is proving to be  costly.  Now the same public are putting hurdles for this government organisation to build the compound wall in their property which had collapsed sometime ago.  Those  who benefitted by the consideration  of All India Radio are now demanding more land to widen the existing road by another 10 feet which will be detrimental not only to All India Radio  Brahmavar.

BrahmavarTwenty two acres of land bought by the department in 1974-75, it is solely the property of AIR, Brahmavar. The government again bought 8 more segments of land by paying private parties. The private party had gone in for litigation asking more money and that was also given.  AIR, Brahmavar, has been functioning from since 1976 having radio channels covering  about five districts in the primary and almost all parts of Karnataka and a few places in Kerala in the secondary coverage area.

Recently due to stormy winds, two 109 metres masts had fallen which resulted in the interruption in transmission of AM mode. Fortunately, no damage serious was done because of the  land around the mast.

Under the guidance of Additional Director General (ADG) Chennai, technical staff from various places teamed up to re-install the transmitter antenna. The transmitter was made functional just in time to make the National Public Broadcaster reach the people without disturbance.

Meanwhile, the compound wall of the station was damaged and the local office was given instruction to repair the compound wall immediately as it is a ’prohibited area’  as per the government rules.

Due to radiation of RF energy as well as danger of electrocution due to lightning, entering the area is prohibited. Further leaving more land to the road will hamper safety of  All India Radio apart from the ill effects radiation might cause in the vicinity.  Reducing  land further might also result in compromising the height of the mast which might affect transmission.

When the officials of AIR Brahmavar and AIR Mangalore went to the spot for the repair work of the compound wall, they were taken by surprise as the locals gathered and demanded that the land must be given to them to expand the 5 meter road.  Udupi DC  looked into this matter and directed the Tahsildar to prepare and submit a report. Curiously, the Tahsildar has also directed the department to approach the local MP which is surprising considering that it is the private property of AIR Brahmavar.

The locals are allegedly trying to grab the government land with the support of local MP even though there is private property all along the road on the other side.  It may be recalled that this is not the first instance where the locals attempted to grab the area belonging to AIR and DD. The same issue took place in Kasargod, Kerala a few days ago but the DC of Kasargod provided security to the officials to carry on with their works.

According to reports, the locals have taken a further step by approaching the MP of Udupi- Chikkamagaluru and have demanded to free the land to widen the road. In fact, Air Brahmavar has already lost 2 acres of land for widening the highway recently.   Sensing impending danger, the convener of National Federation of AIR and DD Mangalore has given a representation to the  MP in this regard. The Rajya Sabha MP has also been briefed about this matter.  Hopefully a lawful result will save the AIR here.