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A paperless administration at city Govt Wenlock Hospital in the offing

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Mangaluru, Aug 28, 2017: Not just in high life corporate hospitals,  but alsopatients coming to the Government Wenlock Hospital in city can just go to different units to get treatment without being worried about physically carrying their case files.

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All the details of the treatment and tests will now be maintained in the hospital’s computer system and at the end of the treatment period, the patients will get a print of their discharge summary.

Among the changes that will be seen in this old and busy government hospital in the city in about 6 months when the hospital adopts a paperless administrative process. Every activity of the hospital, including case management, drugs procurement and billing, will be paperless. “The paperless operations are set to transform the administration of this grand old government hospital,” Medical Superintendent H. Rajeshwari Devi told media present.

The Government Wenlock Hospital is among the district hospitals where the State government has planned to introduce paperless administration. The work at the Wenlock Hospital started two months ago with a Bengaluru-based firm given the task of putting the system in place. The present block and also the adjoining Regional Advanced Paediatric Care Centre will be covered.

Senior Specialist, Regional Blood Transfusion Centre of Wenlock Hospital, Dr Sharath Kumar, the nodal officer for implementation of the project, said that among the advantages of paperless administration was the ability to handle outbreak of communicable diseases. “With case sheets being available online, treatment can be reviewed on a real-time basis even from State headquarters,” he said.

He said that 335 computers will be installed in phases in the hospital. Of this, 90 computers are being installed now. The firm was now laying the cables and setting up the LAN network.

Dr Kumar said that the staff of the Wenlock Hospital and doctors and personnel from the Kasturba Medical College, who are serving in the hospital, will be  trained in the new system. The paperless administration process would be put in place in another six months hopefully. It will be as knowledgeable people see it a real revolution from the files and register dependent govt institution here.