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A map which is ‘misdirecting’ the students!

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Karkala, Dec 7, 2013: Jammu Kashmir is in the Northern most tip of India and Kanyakumari in the Southern most tip. There can be no doubt  in this regard. But, a map of India made of bricks which one can see just outside the Headmaster’s chamber at the Muniyalu Primary School  seems to be misdirecting the students.

india map 1

Here, the map is drawn  in such a way that  Jammu Kashmir is  in the Southern direction of the school  and  Kanyakumari in the Northern direction. Many parents point out that  any teacher who teachers the students standing in front of this map would certainly land the students in confusion as far as the  directions are concerned.

In reality, the school ought to have prepared this map in accordance to the geographical directions so that students are guided in the right direction.