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"Nationalism- not a political concept : RSS leader Dattatreya Hosabale

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Mangaluru, Apr 29, 2016:   Nationalism is not a political concept but a cultural way of life, said  Dattatreya Hosabale, National Joint Secretary of RSS.

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Dattatreya Hos...

Speaking on the topic  "Nationalism-Essence of a Nation" at Sanghaniketan on April 28, Thursday under the auspices of the Mangaluru Chapter of Citizens’ Council, he took a dig at those who raised questions about nationalism and said such people are either unaware of the history of the nation or were  not ready to accept the history of the nation.

Stating that Kashmir was an integral part of India, he said an India without Kashmir cannot be thought of.

Lashing out at Communists, he said  they never considered India as one nation, but thought it to be a multi-nation state. He also criticised the  Communists for favouring an independent Kashmir and described this as nothing but an attempt to break the nation.

It is a tragedy that even after several years of independence India has failed to educate its populace regarding clear concepts about a nation, he said and suspected a conspiracy behind this.

Sunil Acharya, President of Citizens’ Council, Madhava Jogittaya and others were present at the  function.