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Octrogenarian wizard Dr.Xavier’s health lectures thrill Mangaluru

Octrogenarian wizard Dr.Xavier’s health lectures thrill Mangaluru

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Mangaluru, Aug 26,2017: Mangaluru has been wide eyed to hear Dr. G. Francis Xavier Ph.D is nothing short of a real life wizard, Chairman of TAP International Foundation, with over 55 years of training experience.  He is well known the world over as a pioneer of Memory Movement in India and regarded the father of the popular "Memory Filing System Technique”. He has conducted innumerable training programs on a variety of subjects pertaining to Personality Development under the caption TAP YOUR GENIUS in metro cities of India and countries such as USA, Canada, Germany, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka & Nairobi.  Goals in Life:  *TAP - Think, Achieve, Prosper.   Tools to Achieve : * TAP  - Training, Attitudes, Perseverance.  Ultimate Vision :  * TAP - Towards Achieving Peace. He is a virtual memory wizard.  He will spend August 27, Sunday in city, see end of this article for details.

Octrogenarian wizard Dr.Xavier 1

Octrogenarian wizard Dr.Xavier 1

Octrogenarian wizard Dr.Xavier 1

Octrogenarian wizard Dr.Xavier 1

Octrogenarian wizard Dr.Xavier 1

Dr. Francis Xavier, now 82 years old, moves and works as if in his 20s. Origibanally hails from Thiruchi area in Tamil Nadu. He settled in Bangalore years ago. He has 3 children well settled in life now. His travels to meet and bless people in knowledge and health the world over are practically non-stop. He is a college mate of former president of India Dr.Abdul Kalam and was quite familiar with him.

He can register and reproduce 100-Digit Numbers: Forward, Backward and also at Random within a short span of 6-7 minutes, using his Memory Filing systems He has authored many books in the field of Self-improvement and Accounting. He spent six years to complete his Doctoral Research on Self-improvement and innovated a profound technique known as ’Memory Filing System’. By using this powerful system seven world records have been set at National and International Memory Competitions in the past 3 years.

Some of his more than 20 books are : Boost Your Brainpower, Fundamental & Advanced Accounting – Two Volumes -2700 pages, 101 Inspiring Stories for Successful Living.  Inspiring Thoughts for Self improvement. .Powerful Techniques to manage Stress.  Yoga for Health and Personality,   Vibrant Health through Grandma’s Home remedies, The Complete Encyclopedia of Financial Accounting  (A set of Eleven Volumes-5,000 pages),  Mother Teresa and World Peace.

Kangen miracle water :

His presentation and revelations have been multi pronged and regular in the last few weeks it is seen.   He introduced in needed detail  his practices on physical, mental and spiritual health. He explained in particular that the cause of the modern day illnesses is the water quality which has deteriorated immensely and all water be it bottled, aerated, filtered, purified and so on are faulty in structure. It has been now discovered in Japan that the water that human beings and for than matter all other creatures and vegetation and so on need is "Kangen" water (Kangen in Japanese translates to ’Back to nature’). The acidity in all other types of water is prevalent and damages all things on earth. It oxadises each and everything that comes in contact with it in differing degrees and the damages is progressive that causes Cancers and every other chronic decease and rapid aging, degeneration and early death. It is essential that the (Hydrogen)-H2 molecule is active  to improve human health in all aspects. The ’Kangen’ water is alkaline and helps the body to be kept in a safe alkaline range and reduce to the minimum acidic properties of the body.  a young babe is alkaline in nature, age brings on increased acidity in all forms. In the modern age alkalinity of water is poor and all environment contributes to acidity.  80 per cent of our food intake is acidic, Water normally is acidic, air we breathe is acidic, stress and strain of life today creates acids in our body. All this can be balanced and cured by alkaline water and consuming the same in good quantities as a preventive and a cure for human illness. The answer is "Drink Kangen water". Google on ’Miracle water’ and you will know more.

Dr. Xavier and his aides, Raymond D’Souza and Vinesh Menon demonstrated a water purifier that can produce "Kangen" water of different qualities for different use in large quantities, quickly from ordinary tap/well water. It efficiently converts oridinary water to antioxidant, alkalized and Micro-clustered super efficient natural ’Kangen’ water. Kangen water is produced by ionization process and not by adding chemicals. "ADM-Kangen" and ’Enagic’ make device which a superior device now available in India and is a ’certified medical device’ (ISO13485) ws displayed and ’Kangen water’ derived from it on the spot was cross tested with various other samples of water and high end branded soft drinks and the proof was evident to all present who appreciated the results and agreed that ’Kangen water" was far superior without comparison to all other water available.  It was stressed that these "Enagic Machines" are not water filters or Alkaline machines....they are water ionizers.These machines have no moving parts, they have Platinum plates dipped in Titanium, they run on electrical power and have a life span of at least 25 years. 

A brief look into Dr xavier’s Past & Present :

  Past : Secured 0 mark in 7th Std, Admission test in a government High school.  Passed all Exams in third Class, never  secured even 45% of marks in any subject at High School and Colleges  (B.A & B.T Bachelor of Teaching to become a High School Teacher).  By birth inherited a very poor memory. Therefore could not secure good marks at the initial stages in spite of  his sincerity and hard working nature.  Rejected for the post of a High School Teacher, attributing to his unimpressive Physical Personality.  Rejected for the post of a High School Teacher, attributing to his unimpressive Physical Personality. Rejected for the post of a High School Teacher, attributing to his unimpressive Physical Personality.  Being rejected for the post of High School Teacher started his career as a clerk in a factory with a salary of Rs.99 per month. At the interview for the post of High  School Teacher he was told that he would be unfit to teach and manage

High School Students.  .Studied at Government High School in regional language as the medium of instruction.  Suffered from mighty inferiority complex. Studied several books on Self-improvement to develop his  own  Inner Personality.  Did not inherit a robust constitution.  Suffered from a variety of diseases like asthma, Arthritis, Piles, Dyspepsia, stomach Pain, Poor Digestion, etc.  Born to very poor parents. While studying   suspended from college and hostel several times for non-payment of   college and Hostel Fees.

****Present :   Authored “The complete Encyclopaedia of   Financial Accounting” Eleven Volumes – 5,000 pages, Published by Jaico Publishers, Mumbai.  Secured First Class and First Rank in two  Masters Degrees M.Cop. & M.Ed. Received Gold Medal at the hands of  Late Shri Lal Bahadhur Shastri, the then Prime Minister of India. Did  Diploma in Management & Adult Education (D.M & A.E) in Canada,  deputed by Government of India under CIDA Plan.

Memory Filling System. Here is the testimony: “Dr. G. Francis Xavier is the Pioneer of Memory Movement in India and Father of the popular Memory Filling System Technique”. THE HINDU, dated July 16, 2001 Secured Copyright for his Memory filling System from the Ministry of Human Resources Development, Department of Secondary and Higher Education,  Government of India, New Delhi

Principal of Coop. Staff Training College, and Joint Director, N.C.C.T.,  Government of India, New Delhi, in the rank of a senior IAS officer  Advisor to an International Organization (A.C.C.U) Bangkok, Thailand,  getting his salary in U.S Dollar (99,000per month).  At present, conducting training programmes to Chairman & Managing Directors of Companies, I.A.S., I.P.S., general  public and students on Memory, Personality and Career Development, Time  and Stress Management, Vibrant Health, Trainers Training and also   Financial Analysis in India and Abroad: the USA, Canada, Germany,  Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Kenya and  Tanzania.  Published by reputed publishers like Jaico, Tata-McGraw-Hill,  MacMillan, Pustak Mahal and ATC.

 As on today  he is a regular and consistent practitioner of Yoga and Meditation.At present enjoying scintillating Health. Can continuously work without an iota of tiredness from 3,30 am to 10.30 pm. At present, as Chairman of a Public Charitable Trust (TAP Foundation International) trying to help poor  students to continue their studies. He is also the Chairman of FAMCO- A NATIONAL Level Cooperative Society to help the poor and downtrodden to  improve their economic position. No obligations.

Programme on August 27, 2017. Sunday : Supported By,  Universal Law of Attraction Trust. Mangaluru.

 Sub : "Mind power-the easiest way to health & wealth".

Venue : Hotel Verda (Saffron) - GHS Road, Opp Srinivas Hotel. Hampankatta, (Feel free to attend any session)

 Fore noon :  10.45 am to 1.30 pm, Lunch. Post Lunch 2 to 3.30 pm.
Evening : 4-30 to 8.30 pm, Dinner. Post dinner 8.30 to 9.30 pm.
  NB : Best to confirm your attendance on August 26, Saturday (today) - contact:

***Contact in Mangaluru for information : Mr. Raymond D’Souza. Mobile : 88613-09069. or Email :

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Narendra Nayak, Mangalore Sat, August-26-2017, 3:47
I don’t know about other things but kangen water business is quackery and an attempt to sell a useless gadget. Wondering what that had to do with his memory feats.
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