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Tendulkar Jr. makes his cricket debut

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Pune, Jan.21: Is this the face of India s cricketing future? Meet Arjun Tendulkar, 10, son of Sachin Tendulkar.


Arjun is participating in his first nationwide cricket tournament representing MIG Cricket Club at the Under-13 Cadence Trophy in Pune, which has clubs from across India taking part. And no Tendulkar - senior or junior - can be given a miss.

On the field on Wednesday, MIG came up against Cadence Cricket Academy. MIG fielded first, with

Arjun largely at the deep square leg.

In the MIG innings, Arjun opened the batting, though at the non-striker s end. He got strike in the second over and flashed across at a ball that he completely missed. The next one, however, gave the junior Tendulkar his first run. A shot played with a straight bat and with the use of a bottom hand showed a glimpse of his legendary father’s style.

Arjun’s stay at the crease did not last long as a miscommunication with his partner resulted in confusion and thus his dismissal run out. He was clearly dejected at not being able to contribute much to the team. His team finally lost the 30-over match.

Arjun s training is being overseen by coaches Chandu Bhatkar and Jagdish Chavan. He has been under their guidance for the past five months training at the MIG Club in Kalanagar.

Arjun’s mother, Anjali Tendulkar, was there to watch her son play while her husband celebrated his 44th hundred in the first Test against Bangladesh.

The junior Tendulkar may not have played a long innings this time. But an entire nation is watching with bated breath, hoping that in six years time, another 16-year-old Tendulkar will wow the world.