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Moily announces a new bill to check judicial corruption

Mangalore Today

New Delhi, Nov.28: Union Law Minister M Veerappa Moily said on Saturday that India has drafted a new bill to check corruption and increase accountability in the judiciary.

Moily said this at a seminar on Judicial and Legal Reforms organised by the Bar Association of India. Known as the Judges Standard and Accountability Bill, it will be introduced in the parliament soon.

"The Judge Enquiry Act of 1968 will not take us anywhere. This is my conclusion. I have come to this conclusion. There is no point in talking about this individual or that individual in this system. What have you given? Have you created an environment so that nobody can be corrupt? If you can create that kind of situation, which is possible, I don’t think anybody can be corrupt.

Now, I have already drafted a bill called the Judges Standard and Accountability Bill. No person with a shadow of corruption can become a judge if that system is put into place," said Veerappa Moily.