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High security in Ayodhya on Babri demolition anniversary

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It’s been 17 years today since the Babri masjid was demolished and the country was plunged into communal turmoil.

This day is often marked protest marches and functions by political parties but this time all of that has been banned in Ayodhya.

Taking the Home Ministry’s advice, the state administration has asked all districts in the area to be on alert.

In the aftermath of findings of the Liberhan Report being made public, the temple town has been transformed into a virtual fortress.

At the check post near the disputed site, every outsider is being questioned and all vehicles are being checked. There is a massive deployment of more than 5000 police personnel and paramilitary forces to thwart any attempt to cause communal discord in the area.

Prohibitory orders against public gatherings have already been imposed. 40 CCTV cameras will help police in keeping a close eye on the two-acre Red Zone, the epicentre of the disputed site.
Two companies of the Rapid Action Force will come into action if a riot like situation arises.

Also, there are 100 NSG commandos protecting the disputed site.

The police will be on the lookout for trouble, especially from Kalyan Singh, who has already made his intentions clear that he may make a trip
to Ayodhya.

"We are wary of politicians coming from outside. We have no information about Kalyan Singh but if he decides to come then he will be dealt with accordingly," said R K S Rathore, SSP, Faziabad.

Despite these arrangements, devotees will not be stopped from visiting the complex and watching it from a reasonably safe distance of 30 metres.