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Forbes’ list of most powerful people, Manmohan at 36

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Manmohan SinghNov 13: Forbes’ magazine has declared its much awaited list of the most powerful people of the world, the list as expected named US President Barack Obama as the most powerful man in the world. It was a rare honour for millions of Indians as well, as their Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh has also found his name in the list, he is sitting pretty at 36 in the coveted list honoured by billions of people from diverse backgrounds, be it corporate or polity.

The coveted list of most powerful people of the world enlists 67 most powerful people of the world from diverse backgrounds, including polity, sports, underworld and arts and music. While drawing the list, Forbes worked on several factors that makes an individual an iconic figure, looked upon by millions and stand apart from crowd.              
“Individuals were assessed on the number of people the person influences, their ability to project power beyond their immediate sphere of influence, their control of financial resources and how actively that person wields power. The goal in compiling this list is to expose power and not glorify it, and over time reveal how influence is as easily lost as it is hard to gain," said a spokesman for the magazine.

Some of the other notable names in the list include, telecom mogul Mexican Carlos Slim at 6,  Pope Benedict at 11, leading philanthropist Warren Buffet at 14, banking mogul Lloyd Blankfein, a chief executive with Goldman Sachs at 18, British Premier at 29, famous talk show host celebrity Winfrey Oprah at 45.

And other Indian’s in the list are Mukesh Ambani is ranked No. 44, Lakshmi Mittal No. 55, and Ratan Tata No. 59.

Call it destiny or mere coincidence,m some anti social names have also found their name in the coveted list, terrorist outfit Al Qaeda Chief Osama Bin Laden at 37, Mexican drug king Joaquin Guzman at 41 and  Indian underworld fugitive Dawood Ibrahim at 56.