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Class 9 girl made police station-in-charge in UP on World Children’s Day

Mangalore Today News Network / NDTV

Kanpur, Nov 21, 2020:    A Grade 9 girl was made police station in-charge at Harvansh Mohalla on the occasion of World Children’s Day on Friday.


Harshita Sahoo of United Public School was made in-charge of the police station for a day and handled three cases and dismissed one case out of three.
"I am feeling proud and excited about working as a station in-charge. Right now, I am being trained and getting aware of the surroundings," said Harshita.Satyadev Sharma, in-charge of Harvansh Mohalla police station said, "We choose a girl child to educate her about women’s rights. Also, by seeing Harshita as an example, many more women will come forward and being the process of learning about their rights."