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’Namma Tuluver’ - ‘Promoting Tulu Culture for Charity

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Media release

Dubai, Mar 13 : Managing Committee Members of Nama Tuluveru UAE gathered enthusiastically at Winny’s Restaurant, Karama recently to announce their 2010 year programme .







Nama Tuluveru UAE is a purely charity raising organization promoting Tulu culture formed in the year 2008 and has no officials.  The team primarily comprises of various community leaders irrespective of caste, creed or religion, together with enthusiastic artistes of various cultural fields, all originally from Tulunadu but serving in UAE.  There are more than 51 members in the committee spread across UAE and who wholeheartedly joined together to support for noble cause.


The main objective of Nama Tuluveru is ‘Promote Tulu Culture with a cause towards charity’.  Yesterday’s meeting was with electronic display presentation done by one of the member of the committee showing the following topics:

1) About Nama Tuluveru - Brief of the organisation
2) Past Activity and press report, photo proof of charity dispersed
3) The reason behind no activity in the year 2009 discussed
3) Future Plans for 2010 - Raising Charity for Special Need Schools identified
4) Plans for raising Nama Tuluvere Fund - an emergency fund in the hour of need
5) Staging twin Tulu comedy plays of Vijaya Kumar Kodialbail promoting culture
6) Budget for staging plays - expenses, collections etc.
7) Allocation of responsibilities within the committee members
8) Preparations required to go ahead as per Plan briefed
9) Suggestion on providing insurance/fund scheme for our Tuluva brethrens 

Nama Tuluver in the past have supported and contributed to Saanidya Special Needs School, Mangalore, Medical aid to Rashida Farooq a accident victim back in Mangalore and also to two and half year boy Anush for his heart operation.

Vijay Kumar Kodialbail’s twin Tulu comedy dramas will be staged on 1st October, 2010 as a part of  Nama Tuluveru’s this years charity fund raising programme.  At the same time Kodialbail’s latest cassette release is being arranged to be done in UAE.  The whole proceedings of the programme, as been jointly agreed, will be shared to Saanidya Special Needs School, Mangalore & Arunodaya Special Needs School, Karkala and Nama Tuluvere Fund for those critically emergency cases which may arise to our Tuluvas of Tulunadu in UAE.