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Sharjah Labour Camp Urgent Appeal For Help

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By Muhammad Afaque

Sharjah, September 24: Around 100 workers have been living in totally inhuman living conditions since the last 6 months as their employer,the owner of Dubai based Saqr engineering & contracting co., has absconded leaving the workers mainly from India, Pakistan, Nepal & Bangladesh in the lurch – with no electricity ( No A/c , no Fans ), no water,no sanitation , no Toilets,garbage littered all over the place,flies swarming all over & Stench making even the people coming to help them run away.










CNS along with some kind hearted people like Francis & Dolcina Pereira,visited the camp to gain 1st hand knowledge of the situation & have committed ourselves to help these helpless & unfortunate brothers.

Such is their condition that they dont even have money to call home. As their case is with the Ministry of Labour, they are hoping that they will be able to get back their dues & go home to their loved ones.

With Flies, cockroaches, Rats , Bed bugs all over the place , they do not even have  a decent place to sleep & many are falling sick with insomnia, Diarrhoea,Fever & Red Spots all over the body , as they have not had bath for more than a week.It is hard to imagine that this place could be anywhere in the Gulf – it is a living hell for them.
CNS is taking the initiative & we would welcome anything from anyone – Clothes, Food, Money, Water, Medicines, Phone cards or any legal help if possible.

Anybody having contacts with SEWA ( sharjah Electricity & Water Authority ) could request them to clean up the place ,( even though it’s not their responsibility , as it is a Labour camp / Private property ).

Your Feedback & Suggestions too are welcome.If you would like to Volunteer, help or Donate please call:

Francis Pereira : 050 547 0816
Dolcina Pereira : 050 547 0814