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Ohio Attorney General invites Mangalorean Dancy DíSouza to speak at Human Trafficking Summit 2020

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January 11, 2020:  Ohio Attorney General, Dave Yost invited poignant speaker Dancy D’Souza to present at the inaugural Human Trafficking Summit 2020 at Columbus on January 9th.


Ohio Attorney-...

Ohio Attorney-...

Dancy D’Souza a native of Mangalore born in Shirva is a survivor advocate on labor trafficking and debt bondage in the United States of America. Dancy is a co-founder of Eyes Open International focused on prevention, education, protection, and empowerment to the vulnerable population from this horrendous epidemic.

In the welcome speech Dave Yost said; “The workshop presented today feature educational sessions, success stories, lessons learned and best practices. Whether you are a survivor, advocate, law enforcement officer or community stakeholder, you are sure to be enlightened by the presentations and conversations that take place today”.

Dancy said; this summit was attended by over 600 participants. Labor trafficking happens at gas stations, restaurants, convenient stores, and motels.

Senator Teresa Fedor representing the 11th Senate District in the State of Ohio was one of the featured speakers at the summit.

Attorney General Dave Yost’s mission statement is;  Human Trafficking Initiative  works to end labor and sex trafficking in the state by building awareness, empowering Ohioans to take action in their communities, helping victims and ensuring that traffickers and johns are brought to justice.

Dancy D’Souza wife of Harold D’Souza, appointed by President Trump on the United States Advisory Council on Human Trafficking are bothinspirational speakers. This resilient, courageous, and passionate family’s older sonBradly enjoys working for Tesla and the younger Rohan is employed with Apple.

Turning obstacles into opportunities is the happy journey of this family.