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Dubai Police awards Barista for returning bag filled with Cash yahoo

Dubai, Sept 11: A young Starbucks employee who recently returned a bag full of money has received an award from the Dubai Police. When Mae Anne Olmidillo found a bag loaded with cash and cheques, she didn’t think twice before returning it to authorities so that it could be returned to its rightful owners.


During an evening shift, the barista spotted the bag at one of the tables and realised it had been forgotten by a customer. Hoping someone would return soon to claim the lost item, she and another colleague waited for two hours.

When no one returned, they opened the bag and were surprised to see cash worth Dh1,95,000 (Rs 38 lakh). The bag also had a cheque book, a bunch of personal documents and two cheques.



"It is our protocol to check what s inside the bag first in order to know whom to return it to, but we can only do it with a witness and on camera. I immediately alerted my district manager and our loss-prevention officer on what to do next, the 27-year-old Olmidillo told Gulf News.

Seeing the large amount of cash she quickly notified the police so they could locate the owner. Olmidillo said the "owner was not aware that his bag was missing when Dubai Police called him".

The bag was safely returned to its owner, a Russian traveller and police decided to honour the honest woman for her efforts.