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California: Jain Matt pontiff takes part in Milpitas Jain Mandir function

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California, August 11: HH Charukirthi Bhattaraka Panditacharyavarya pontiff of Moodbidri Jain Matt has inaugurated the new Yag mandal Vidhan and newly built Samosarana Mandira here at Milpitas, California recently.




The programme was organised by the Jain Committee of California. Charukirthi Bhattaraka has also participated in the decennial celebration of the Milpitas Jain Mandir.

Speaking after the inaugural function Swamiji briefed about Somasarana. He said "Samosaran means human attainment of Moksha.

The almighty shows us the path to attain moksha, he said. The concept of Samosaran – just like Tirthankar-nam-karan – is only available in Jainism and not in any other religion. The creation of samosaran is done by four kinds of Dev (Gods) when a Tirthankar attains Keval Gyan (Complete knowledge). The shape of samosaran is either round or even square. This immensely beautiful development is done so that all and sundry on Earth, sky, water can hear the Tirthankar’s speech when they attain keval gyan.

Manish Mishra, Vidhan Acharha, Manoj Haran, Prof. Deepak Jain of Kellog School of Management and te religious leaders of Hindu, Muslim and Christian were presented on the occasion.