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SpiceJet plane from Dubai makes emergency landing in Jaipur after tyre burst

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Dubai, Jun 12, 2019 : A SpiceJet flight from Dubai to Jaipur made an emergency landing at the Jaipur International Airport after one of its tyres burst on Wednesday morning, Zee reported.




The SG-58 flight had 189 passengers on board and suffered a tyre burst when landing at the airport in Jaipur at around 9am. All emergency measures were activated and the passengers and crew were safely evacuated. No one suffered any injuries.

An inspection of the plane was initiated to ascertain the cause of the tyre burst.

Tyre bursts while landing or taking off are extremely risky because they are responsible for bearing the brunt of the aircraft’s weight at high speeds. These have often been blamed for aviation accidents and special care is taken to ensure that the landing gear is fully functional and free from technical glitches before each flight around the world. Aviation experts say tyre bursts usually take place due to brake malfunction which results in the tyres not rotating, skidding against the tarmac and the resulting friction causing it to burst.