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Thieves targeting Temples

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Mangalore, October 29, 2009: A spate of burglaries has been reported in the district since the past several days with thieves primarily targeting temples, while also not sparing houses. The increasing thefts have also been a matter of great concern. On October 5, thieves who barged into the Rajarajeshwari Siddivinayaka Temple in Kuttar have escaped with jewellery and cash worth Rs 1.2 lakhs.  The thieves had made their way into the temple by breaking the southern doors of the temple. However, a major burglary was averted as most of the jewellery belonging to the temple had been placed in the safe locker.




On the 14th October, there was a burglary in the Sri Guru Raghavendra Swami Mutt at Kallare in Puttur. The thieves who broke open the locks of the Mutt have laid their hands on   silver jewellery worth Rs 2 lakhs placed in the cupbaord of the Mutt office.

A second attempt to burgle the Kuttar Rajarajeshwari Temple was made on October 15.  This time however the thieves were unsuccessful in laying hands into any valuables. The theft attempt was foiled when the priest who resided in a house nearby woke up on hearing the sound of someone trying to lock his house doors from outside.

The thieves also entered the Bishop Seargent Church at Chembugudde near Tokkottu.  Here too they had to return empty handed. Their next target was a nearby masjid.  This too was an unsuccessful attempt. Meanwhile, a major burglary took place in the Sri Mukhyaprana Temple located close by the famous Bekal Fort in the nearby Kasargod district on October 16. Here the thieves have stolen the Panchaloha idol from the main sanctum sanctorum by breaking open the doors. It is learnt that the stolen idol was worth several crores of rupees. This was the third theft in this historic temple. The idol stolen years ago in the first theft reported from this temple was not yet traced, while the idol stolen during the second burglary reported was later found in a damaged state. Over 10 temples have been burgled in the Kasargod area since some time.

Several houses in the city of Mangalore too have been burgled in the recent past, with one of the thefts took place in broad daylight. The increasing thefts have only highlighting the need for the general public to be more cautious, vigilant and extra careful. It has also necessitated the police department to intensify night patrolling, while temples and other places of worship are forced to ensure adequate security arrangements for the valuables in their possession.